Involve plants. Invite life.

An Uncommon Approach... Beyond Plants

There is an aesthetic beyond the simple addition of plants that is achieved when you include elements of nature into your professional setting…

…Plants by way of their very presence in a professional space, suggest permanence, success, and reflect an organization’s appreciation for life’s beauty, beyond the simple mechanics of business.

"One touch of nature makes the whole world kin" – John Muir
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Beautiful By Design

The reasons for adding plants to a professional space are often as different as the spaces themselves.

Whether you are interested in simply adding a touch of green, or elaborate displays specifically designed to inspire "ooohs and ahhhs".

Our forte is embellishing upon your vision, in order to deliver detailed, enduring, and space-changing displays... that are beautiful by design.


About Us

A student of art and horticultural flora, I founded evolution plants in 2005 with an intense passion for plant life, and a 1st hand appreciation of how the use of living plants, can not only change the entire aesthetic appeal of a space, but also improve the mental, and physical experience of the people within those spaces… The result?!… Over a decade of making professional environments beautiful, and being known for it!

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