Involve plants. Invite life.

If you are unhappy with your current situation contact us... because having plants within your space, should be a joy.

Guaranteed Plans of Maintenance

With a staff of self-proclaimed plant freaks, who are detailed, kind, considerate, and informed; we tend to the details of maintaining your living accents with a comprehensive plan of maintenance guarantees, ensuring that all of your plants not only project the image of your establishment, but reflect the quality of its operation.


Our Process

First we meet with you and walk your property to assess your decor and style needs. We believe there are plenty of options for your space and budget. We can build custom living walls, built-in planters, create specially designed displays, etc. Ideas are endless!

After designs and renderings are approved, our team will then install your specimens and from there manage your new custom plant creations monthly.

About Chele:

A student of art and horticultural flora, I founded evolution plants in 2005 with an intense passion for plant life, and a 1st hand appreciation of how the use of living plants, can not only change the entire aesthetic appeal of a space, but also improve the mental, and physical experience of the people within those spaces…

The result?!… Over a decade of making professional environments beautiful, and being known for it!

With an impressive portfolio of clientele, who have come to call on us by name, above all others…I am proud be able to say that evoltionplants is my baby, come of age.

At the core of my design principle has always been an appreciation for the progressively simple beauty of plants and the powerful suggestion made by plants and nature… to live!

With that in mind, today we continue to evolve in our approach by playfully experimenting with modern elements, and alternative materials, in order to produce forward thinking and durably unique results.

Give him a call! 

Green in Our
Day to Day

With Mother Nature at the center of our operation, we not only acknowledge our responsibility to act with our environment in mind, but we endeavor to function in a genuinely “GREEN” capacity, in connection with all of our undertakings.  

For us “GREEN” is not a buzzword, rather being “GREEN” for Evolution Plants is a labor of conscious effort. Day to day… we choose to act in harmony with a “GREEN” ideology.

We deliberately plan, purchase, and use sustainably grown plants, and manufactured materials, in an effort to meet, and exceed local and federal requirements. However, it is our own conscious regard for the welfare of our environment, which drives our course of action.

Reducing, reusing, and recycling is an integral part of our daily approach. Today we make no claim at being the “GREEN-est”, however, in consideration of the return that Mother Earth pays out many times over in our favor, we are moved to do as much as possible.